Woven Plastic (Pure Water Sachets) wastes

Planet 3R is a social enterprise dedicated to converting textile and plastic wastes into eco-friendly products using the 3R( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to save our planet Earth by weaving them into innovative items. With the vision of creating a sustainable world without textile and plastic wastes, it became necessary for us at Planet 3R to reduce the landfill space by recycling clothes and nylons. As we know landfill sites is a threat to our environment as well as water supplies. This vision came to life through Planet 3R located in our community (Adegbayi Ibadan, Oyo state) .

Pure Water Sachets waste to be woven

We creatively shred old clothes and used nylons (especially pure water sachets) then weave them by converting into finished products. These finished products are fashion wears, home decors, bags, accessories and so on.

Process of weaving the Nylon (Pure water sachets) wastes

we do not only make environmental impacts but also create employment opportunity by empowering youths. We also plan to improve our economy through locally generated raw materials and export opportunities.

iPad made of woven Pure Water Sachets Waste.